Babble Bib

When we first started back in 2010, we just made Dribble Bibs, we then went on to make Large Bibsand in 2013 we introduced Blankets for the first time. Going forward we intend to make lots of other lovely baby items such as t-shirts, hats and perhaps even things like bunting to go in the nursery.

We felt that our old branding needed a refresh and we also felt that the name Babble Bib no longer reflected the full range of products we offer, so in 2014, we re-branded to Babble Kids and launched a shiny new website and logo to go with it.

Are the products different?

No, the products are exactly the same ones sold while we were Babble Bib. They are made in the same way, by the same people to the same high quality standard that we’ve always had. The only difference is that some packaging, care labels etc. will now feature our new logo.

Any new products are in the pipeline?

We are current working on a range of t-shirts and other garment made using the same funky fabrics we make our bibs from. We are hoping to have these up for sale in early 2014, but we are not rushing …we need to make sure they are as good as they can be before we start selling them.>

What is the company called now?

The company name is still Babble Bib ltd and will remain as babble bib ltd for the foreseeable. see our Company Information page for the full detail

What about email, Facebook etc

In the short term our email address, Facebook, Twitter etc. will still be called ‘babble bib’ but we do plan to change those over in due course.

If you have any questions, please do Contact Us.