The last few years has seen a significant rise of the types of baby bib that is available on the market. Each type has a different name and is good at different things - for example some bibs are great at catching messy food, others look cool as part of an outfit.

This article will explain the main types of baby bib and who makes them. It will help you answer questions like "what is a feeding bib?", "what is the difference between a bandana bib and dribble bib?", "which are the best baby bibs?" and more.

Plain/Regular Bibs

This is what you might traditionally think of when you think of the phrase 'baby bib'. These bibs lie flat to the baby's chest and are generally made of either terry cotton or poplin cotton. Sometimes, these bibs may have a pocket at the bottom to catch things at they inevitably fall, but not always.

These are great 'all-rounder' bibs and are suitable for most uses, however you'd be forgiven for thinking that plain bibs are a bit old fashioned and 'plain'.

You can buy plain baby bibs at most supermarkets or shops like Mothercare but not many companies specialize in making plain bibs due to the mass market saturation.

Plain/Regular Bibs

Feeding/messy Bibs

Feeding bibs are especially designed to be used for feeding - the messiest of all activities. They can also be called "messy bibs".

These bibs are generally made from a easy to clean material such as rubber, plastic or even neoprene (the material wetsuits are made from) and quite often have a pocket or pouch to catching those falling spaghetti hoops!

These bibs are obviously suitable for feeding or other messy activities, but their weight and the materials they are made from make them unsuitable for general use.

Bibisili make a great range of colorful feeding bibs based on cartoon animals - really good fun. Bibetta make feeding bibs from neoprene (they call them Ultrabibs) which makes them very quick and easy to wash.

Feeding/messy Bibs BibisiliFeeding/messy Bibs Bibetta

Sleeved Bibs

Sleeved bibs take feeding/messy bibs one step further by adding sleeves to the bib so the baby's chest and arms are fully protected from whatever messy activity they are doing. These bibs are especially great for particular messy meal times or messy activities such as painting.

Mum2Mum's Wonder bib is a great sleeved bib which comes in a great range of colours. Silly Billyz also have a great sleeved bib made from either fleece or toweling in a range of size.

Sleeved Bibs Mum2Mum Sleeved Bibs SillyBillyz

Dribble/Bandana Bibs

Dribble bibs are very popular as they are dual purpose bibs. They catch dribble, but also look cool and come in a massive range of designs. Dribble bibs are also referred to as "bandana bibs" because when they are worn they tend to ruffle up like a bandana does. It is this 'ruffling' that makes them so good at catching dribble; as the dribble leave the baby's mouth it tends to run down the neck and get caught by the bib, this does not happen in other bibs because they are flat to the chest.

Dribble bibs can be an effective treatment and prevention of dribble rash. See our article on Dribble rash treatment and prevention for more details.

Dribble bibs are the main type of bib hat we make here at Babble Kids. However there are lots of other companies that make these bibs too.

Skibz make great quality dribble bibs that are priced at the top end of the market. Funky Giraffe have a huge range of designs available and their bibs tend to be pitched at the budget end of the market.

Our bibs (Babble Bibs) are made in the UK to a very high quality standard and feature a unique 'hidden seams' which makes them very soft and comfortable to wear. Our bibs are reasonably priced from £3.00 each, you can see our full range on our Dribble Bibs page.

Dribble/Bandana Bibs Babble Kids TwitTwoo Dribble/Bandana Bibs Babble Kids Pink Stars Dribble/Bandana Bibs Skibz Dribble/Bandana Bibs Funky Giraffe

Novelty bibs

You can get some truly amusing bibs in all sorts of shapes and sizes, these are generally referred to as novelty bibs. Novelty bibs are based on the basic idea of the plain bib but in an amusing design or shape.

Beauty and the bib make a fantastic range of novelty bibs in great designs such as a strawberry or star.

Novelty bibs Beauty and the bib

Scarf/Neckerchief bibs

Scarf bibs are a cross between a scarf and bibs. They are basically loops that go around the baby's neck, but do not have the drop-down bit like most bibs do. These are good in winter for keeping your baby warm.

Snoodie are a good example of the scarf bib concept.

Dribble/Bandana Bibs Snoodie