Why Babble Kids?

We believe our products are special and here are a few of the reasons why we think this

Proudly made in the UK

We design, manufacture and distribute all of our products from the UK. We are based in Leicester and all of our products are made for us in our professional facilities. It costs us more to have our products made in the UK, but we prefer keeping things local for the following reasons:

  •  We've looked at cheap foreign imports and we think the quality is better in the UK
  •  We care about the environment and prefer not to fly products half way around the world to save a few pounds makes sense
  •  We are keeping local people employed and making our little contribution to the UK economy
  •  The people that make our products are all employed under UK law, which means they are fairly paid, have good working conditions etc

Innovative, award winning designs

We have won many awards with our dribble bibs due to the quality, innovative design and funky fabrics. You can find out more on our Our Awards page.

  • Loved By Parents 2013
  • Mums Love
  • Bizzie Baby 2011

Super-soft, comfortable products

We design all of our products to be as soft and comfortable for your baby as possible. With our dribble bibs and large bibs, we guarantee that they are the softest, most comfortable bibs you will find. We only use soft jersey cotton on the front of our bibs. This is the kind of material you’d find on a high quality t-shirt. Jersey is better at absorbing dribble and stays soft, even straight out of the wash. Many other dribble bibs are made using cotton poplin which is the sort of material shirts are made from. The is a cheaper material which is more ready available, but can be rough and uncomfortable, especially around such a sensitive area as your’ baby’s neck. We’ve have tested several different materials for the rear of our bibs. We’ve found a great micro-fleece which is super soft but also very good are repelling moisture and keeping it away from your baby’s skin. All of our bibs are backed with this micro fleece. We use two poppers on our bibs which gives a range of three different size settings. We’ve found that our bibs have one of the broadest (and largest) size ranges of all the dribble bibs available. This ensures that your baby’s bibs will be snug enough to catch dribble without being uncomfortable.