We are a family run business who first started selling hand-made dribble bibs on eBay in June 2010, since this point we have grown significantly and now have all our products professionally made and ship them all around the world.

Who is Babble Kids?

We are a family business run by Laura Kearn who got the inspiration to start a business from not wanting to go back to a full time job after the birth of her first son, Jamie in 2010. Laura had seen that a few companies had started making these things called 'dribble bibs' but thought that there was room for improvement in the market so started the business.

Luckily for Laura, hubby Martin works in IT and looks after most of the 'technical stuff' in his spare time .... with a little help from some of his equally geeky friends.

Laura and Martin's children (Jamie and Madison) can be seen in some of our promotional materials

Laura has always had an entrepreneurial spirit with Babble Bib being her third successful business venture. The first two involved dog grooming and ironing services!

Is Babble Kids the same as Babble Bib?

Yes, we originally started as Babble Bib but as we started to expand our range of products, we re-branded to Babble Kids in 2014.

What is behind the name?

The name 'babble bib' can as a flash of inspiration from Laura's son, Jamie. At the time that the business was being formed Jamie was about 5 months old and 'babbling' and dribbling a lot, hence the name babble bib ... a bib to soak up the dribble that comes from Jamie's 4-month-old babbling

Our ethos

We believe first and foremost in quality and comfort for the babies that wear our products. We have worked very hard to ensure that our products are soft and comfortable to wear and actually work .. keeping babies dry and comfortable (and looking cool!).

We operate the company on a financially sound basis and try to keep as much of the business local to the UK as possible.