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Privacy & Cookies Policy

We care about our customer’s privacy and are committed to handling customer data sensitively and only ever for our own purposes. 

Upon checkout, we retain basic information about each customer such as name, address, email address and in some cases telephone number(s) if they were provided. This is required so that orders can be processed initially and recalled in the even of a problem or return.

We never provide other organisations with any personal data we hold about our customers. All shopping cart activities are securely processed.

Payments are processed via either PayPal (who also handle credit card payments), or Stripe.

Anonymous information about our web statistics is stored by Google Analytics. However this information is anonymous and only identifiable to the city/town you are visiting from and IP address you are using.

Any emails we send or receive in relation to an order are securely retained by us such that details can be recalled in the event of a return or problem. With the exception of MailChimp email addresses and information in emails are never shared with organisations.

Upon checkout, we will add your email address to our email marketing list which is maintained at MailChimp you will only ever receive marketing emails directly from us by being on this list, however if you with to opt out you can do so using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all the email.

We occasionally run optional surveys with SurveyMonkey. Data gathered by SurveyMonkey on our behalf will only be used by us and in some cases will be personally identifiable with your consent. 

Like most websites, we use cookies on this website for the shopping basket and web analytics purposes. We use both persistent and third party cookies. If you are not sure what a cookie is, please refer to this link